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Our comprehensive approach ensures a faster turn-around and faster start to your project.

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We are your advocate, guide and expediter, ensuring the proper flow to get your permit issued as soon as possible.

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Our services allow you to rent our knowledge, personal contacts and relationships with agencies, in order to get the result you’re looking for with your project.

Improve the value of your property

Real value is added to properties that have correct permits for improvements and modifications done.

More About Our Team

Professional Staff Bios

Michael R. Hogan, PLS 7362

Michael R. Hogan, PLS 7362

Founder and C.E.O.

Michael Hogan was licensed as a Professional Land Surveyor in 1997 after working in the field for 14 years. In 2003, Mike opened Hogan Land Services Inc. offering a wide range of land development services, included all phases of Surveying, Civil Engineering, Structural Engineering, and Permit Processing. Located in California with offices in Santa Rosa, Santa Cruz, and Livermore, Hogan Land Services has 5 licensed Surveyors, 2 Licensed Civil Engineers (one pre-1982) and one licensed contractor to serve all land development needs.

Mike is a member of the California Land Surveyor’s Association (CLSA) both on a State and County level. He has served as President and Secretary and served on several committees in the CLSA.

Mike avails himself of continuing education, including seminars and opportunities offered by local educators and state trade organizations, some of which being the CLSA and the American Congress on Surveying and Mapping (ACSM). Mike also provides educational opportunities for his staff by supporting continuing education through time off and payment of tuition costs for his employees. Mike, his wife Pam, and their family reside in Petaluma.

Kenneth E. Carr, RCE 21184

Kenneth E. Carr, RCE 21184

Principal Civil/Structural Engineer

Kenneth E. Carr, P.E. has worked as a surveyor since his years as a young teenager, starting at his father’s business in 1956. He gained licensure as a Civil Engineer in 1971, allowing him to practice Civil Engineering and Land Surveying in the State of California. He was the Principal Surveyor and Engineer at Kenneth E. Carr & Associates until merging with Hogan Land Services, Inc. in mid-2008. His experience includes survey, design, and construction projects surrounding Solano, Sonoma, and Mendocino Counties. Projects include creek crossing bridge design, permitting, construction, on-site and off-site infrastructure design and construction management.

Ken’s career experience and activities consist of civil, structural, architectural, and engineering work including facility approvals and hydrology plan checking. He gained a plethora of skill and knowledge early on while working on nuclear power plant design and construction at Bechtel Corporation, achieving great success in quality assurance and engineering management. In addition, Ken held the position of Quality Assurance Manager for a small engineering firm in the East Bay.

Since 2008 Ken has brought years of experience and wisdom to Hogan Land Services allowing us to take leaps and bounds toward future expansion.


Daniel Byrne, RCE 80078 QSP/QSD 24667

Daniel Byrne, RCE 80078 QSP/QSD 24667

Engineering Department Manager

Daniel began his tenure at Hogan Land Services in 2006 while pursuing a degree in Civil & Structural Engineering from UC San Diego.  After obtaining his degree he returned to Northern California and rejoined the Hogan Land Services Team. In March 2012, Daniel received his license as a Registered Civil Engineer. Daniel is a certified Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) developer by the State of California. Daniel currently oversees all Engineering Teams at HLS which specialize in Stormwater Management, Wastewater Testing & Design, Civil Design, and Structural Engineering.
Adam Rivera, PLS 8451

Adam Rivera, PLS 8451

Chief of Surveys

Adam Rivera has been licensed as a professional Land Surveyor since 2008, after working in the field for ten years. His apprenticeship included working with some of the most experienced surveyors in Sonoma County. His education includes a certificate of Engineering and Surveying from Santa Rosa Junior College and various Engineering and Surveying continuation education short courses.

In 2003, Adam joined Hogan Land Services offering a wide range of land development services, including Civil Engineering, Septic and Permit Processing and Land Surveying
consulting. Adam is the Survey Department Manager, with a staff of 6, and has managed over one thousand Civil Engineering and Land Surveying Projects.

Adam is a member of the California Land Surveyors Association (CLSA) both in a State and County level and has served as an officer.

Among the projects completed by Adam Rivera are:

  • Numerous sectionalized Land Surveys in Sonoma, Napa, Mendocino, Santa Clara, Monterey, Fresno, and Lake Counties.
  • Napa County and Sonoma County Boundary Retracements
  • Several Sonoma County Open Space and Agricultural Preservation projects providing opinions to boundary locations.
  • Over​ one hundred filed Record of Surveys, Parcel Maps and Corner Records providing opinions as to land title and boundary locations.
Mikey Mueller, PLS 9076

Mikey Mueller, PLS 9076

Professional Land Surveyor

Mikey has been with Hogan Land Services since 2006. After starting out as a rodman he has become an integral part of our organization due to his superlative skills. His specialties are boundary surveys and legal descriptions, and is well versed in GPS surveying techniques. Mikey earned his BA in History from UC Davis in 2005.
Traci Russo

Traci Russo

Project Facilitator

Bob DeWitt

Geoff Fleissner

Geoffrey Fleissner studied Civil Engineering as an Undergrad at San Jose State University and Computer Science and General Engineering at Cabrillo College. He started his career as an EIT in 2012 to then become a Licensed Civil Engineer in April of 2014.

He joined the Hogan Land Services team in August of 2015 bringing a plethora of knowledge in many areas including both residential and commercial projects, grading and drainage, CAD drafting and much more.