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Livermore is well known for wine growing, its climate matches very well with the desired weather for a successful crop. It is located very close to some of the most high tech companies in California, making it a very desirable place to be. A fun attraction only available in Livermore is the World’s Longest Lasting Lightbulb. This fascinating light bulb has been lit since 1901, never going out with the exception of moving locations and power outages.

Founded in 1796, Livermore was a largely underdeveloped and bare land which had been home to the native Ohlone people. Advancing into the 1800s this land was used primarily as grazing land for livestock. The area was largely occupied by ranchos for most of the 1800s and was a relatively low key place to be in. This changed drastically when the Gold Rush began in the late 1840s. Thousands of people from all across the country rushed to California to take part, many of which settled in Livermore which created the first real economic boom this city would see.

With a dry climate and reasonably mild winters, the weather in Livermore is favorable for grape growing. With little to no humidity for most of the year, Livermore offers a climate most beneficial for successful vineyards. Located near the mecca of wealth and technology, Silicon Valley, this location sees many different kinds of people passing through. With this, this city owes a large portion of their economy to tourism.

One of the most well-known wineries located in Livermore is the Concannon Vineyard. This winery has years of rich history which add to the culture and art of this city.
Founded in 1865 by 18 year old James Concannon, this winery has stood strong for over a hundred years as a landmark for the community. According to the business’s timeline, this vineyard established the Concannons as the founding family of the California wine industry. The Concannons strived for advancements, pushed the boundaries of typical wine marking practices, and even made it thriftily through the Prohibition. Modern day Concannon Vineyards stands just as strong and proud as it did in the 1860s when its legacy first began, drawing people from all around the world to their unique and historical grounds.

Another strong attraction that Livermore has been graced with is the Bankhead Theater. Operating as a non-profit organization with a fiery passion to bring the arts forward. This venue hosts events throughout the year featuring many types of music, dance, theater, and other kinds of performing arts. Their website claims that “Exposure to the performing arts has the potential to transform lives.” This is the backbone of the event center and is represented with every performance. A pillar of the local community, the Bankhead Theater truly captures the life of the local arts in Livermore.

Also a popular feature Livermore offers are the parks around the city. While Livermore has relatively flat geography, the lay of the land does offer rolling hills which make for great hiking. The Livermore Valley features hiking trails perfect for a stroll along the natural landscape. There are also lakes and rivers running through the valley which make for great locations to paddle along the lake and picnic for the day. For people looking to get out of the congested city or just take some quiet time to themselves, Livermore offers the outdoor space for this. One, in particular, is the Del Valle Regional Park. With a lake located right in the middle with on-site boat rentals, this is a highly desired destination to spend the day at during the spring and summer months.

One of the most unique attractions to Livermore is the Centennial Light. This has been deemed the longest lit lightbulb in history. Burning since 1901 this originally 60 watt light bulb glows at a dim 4 watts now but has stayed lit for over a hundred years and counting. It is an attraction visited by many, it is truly astounding that one light bulb has stayed lit for so long! This light bulb even has its own committee to keep its legacy strong and preserve its state. It is cared for by the Centennial Light Bulb Committee who partners with the Livermore-Pleasanton Fire Department to care for and protect the light bulb.

Our Livermore team is grateful to be a part of this tight-knit community. They get the opportunity to be in close proximity to many of the greatest features the Bay Area has to offer.