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Drone Video Transcription:

At Hogan Land Services, we can provide our clients with aerial surveying and high resolution aerial photography with our Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), better known as a Drone. We are able to produce accurate survey-grade ortho-rectified aerial imagery which can be used to produce topographic maps as well as aerial photography at a faster rate than traditional survey methods.

Drones allow us to create accurate surveys for parcels which may be difficult to access, on the water, the side of cliffs, or where there may be lush or overgrown vegetation, as well as contaminated sites.

  • Our UAV services include:
  • Topographic Mapping
  • Site Plans
  • Vineyard Designs
  • Cliff Surveys
  • Hydrographic (water) Surveys
  • Aerial Photography
  • Calculate Volumes and Inventory
  • Real Estate Marketing Photos

For questions about how our UAV services can benefit you, call us at 877-544-2104 or visit www.hoganls.com.