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Hogan Land Services provides aerial surveying and high resolution photography

Utilizing an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle more commonly referred to as a drone, Hogan Land Services is capable of producing accurate survey-grade topographic maps as well as showing improvements and features that can be derived from aerial imagery at a faster rate than traditional survey methods. We can map a large piece of the right type of terrain at the rate of 20 acres every 15 minutes. It would take an equivalent ground crew 1-2 days to cover the same amount of ground. The office processing currently takes a bit longer, but that’s partly due to the newness of the software. The result is not just an image either, when we provide ground control points, we can produce an ortho-rectified image, topographic date and a 3D surface model depending on what is needed for the project.

Our pilots are licensed and insured appropriately in accordance with 14 CFR Part 107.

Our safety procedure includes making sure that we can always see the drone, landing if we see any airplanes and announcing our intentions via radio or telephone when we’re within five miles of an airport. We have to know just as much about the airspace we fly in as the pilots flying the surrounding helicopters and airplanes.

Hogan Land Services offers the following services utilizing a drone:

  • Topographic Mapping
  • Site Plans
  • Vineyard Design
  • Cliff Surveys
  • Hydrographic (water) Surveys
  • Aerial Photography
  • Calculate Volumes and Inventory
  • Real Estate Marketing Photos

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