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Our mission is to spark creative and practical solutions for your water management needs.

Our Civil Engineering department oversees the Septic and Wastewater projects at Hogan Land Services.

Wastewater is any water that has been affected negatively by Human impact or environment. Common keywords associated with wastewater include septic tanks, leach lines, and sanitary sewer.  Many development projects require septic services to ensure the land is capable of appropriately disposing wastewater.  We offer a multitude of services for your wastewater needs.

  • Preliminary Soils Exploration       
  • Pre Perc Site Evaluations         
  • Percolation Testing     
  • Ground Water Monitoring       
  • Existing System Findings Report      
  • Sewage Disposal Design       
  • Tank or Well Destruction         
  • Commercial and Vineyard System Designs       
  • System Repair Consulting and Design      
  • Septic Construction Services

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