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Hogan Land Services is a full service engineering company serving all of California that started with a strong desire to bring together the various disciplines required to gain entitlements (Permits) from the County agencies. We specialize in Civil and Structural Engineering, Septic System Planning, Land Surveying, Permit Assistance and Violation Resolution. As we grow and add to the team, each teammate shares a common goal of helping our clients achieve their dreams. We examine projects and integrate owner goals. We work together so owners and developers get what they want more efficiently than they would on their own.

We are your advocate, guide and expediter, ensuring the proper flow to get your permit issued as soon as possible. Our services allow you to rent our knowledge, personal contacts and relationships with agencies, in order to achieve your dream project.
We have offices in Santa Rosa, Santa Cruz, Livermore, and Chico California with more plans to expand to better serve Californians with help with their land use needs.

The Hogan Land Services team is ready to help you with your Civil Engineering project. Whether you are in Santa Rosa, Santa Cruz, Livermore, Chico or anywhere in our great State of California, we can help.

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We help property owners and developers improve the value of their land.

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Civil • Structural • Septic • Survey • Planning • Permit Assistance • Violation Resolution

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