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Our Planning Department provides land use entitlement and permit processing services. In collaboration with the local agency, our planners find solutions and incorporate efficiency during the project review and approval process. We focus on obtaining development-related approvals including use permits, zoning permits, lot line adjustments, subdivisions and design review. We also process building, grading and demolition permits. We identify every client’s situation and structure our services to achieve the desired results.  Our goal is to take the burden of the permitting process off our clients by using our expertise and knowledge of the regulatory framework. Permits are not the only thing we provide. If you need to research a property but don’t know where to start, our planning team can provide in-depth records research and development consultation services that may had value to property acquisition or the development contemplation.   

The Hogan Land Services team is ready to help you with your Land Use Planning Needs. Whether you are in Santa Rosa, Santa Cruz, Livermore, Chico or anywhere in our great State of California, we can help.

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